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Summery blueberry ice creams


for 5 ice creams:

– 200 g blueberries

– 3 tbsp maple syrup

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 500 ml Greek yoghurt


You will also need:

– 5 plastic cups

– 5 ice lolly sticks


In the summer months, the children just love ice creams. And, on a hot day, I often fancy something tasty from the freezer too. It’s not that hard to make your own healthy ice cream, thanks to the delicious flavour of blueberries and Greek yoghurt. So refreshing!


Wash the blueberries and add them to a pan. Pour in the maple syrup and vanilla extract. Then you can squash the blueberries with the spoon and bring everything to the boil. Keep stirring, of course. Then allow the berry mixture to cool before mixing it through the Greek yoghurt.


Once you’ve divided the berry and yoghurt mixture between the plastic cups, it’s ready for the freezer. Leave it there for half an hour. Then stir them a little bit with a spoon and return them to the freezer for another 30 minutes. Now you can push the sticks into the ice creams. Leave them in the freezer for at least another two hours. And next: Eat them up. Yum yum!

Artist Diana Beltran Herrera lives in Colombia. She has been fascinated by birds and  owers since she was a little girl. Now she turns these beautiful things into unique 3D artworks. Each stamp is a three-dimensional paper sculpture. Perfect for framing and putting up on the wall!

I wanted to take a look around at Debbie’s. And I got a chance to, brilliant! Debbie and Marc bought this lovely 1930s house together. If you look closely, you can still see details from that time. Debbie: “Over the course of five months, we turned this place into our dream house, with help from family and friends. Now we never want to leave!”

“I love being able to see the original features around our house. Pale pink, ochre and turquoise are my favourite colours. They give everything a romantic look. I get lots of nice comments about the pink doors and window frames. And what do you think of the wooden beams in the ceiling? They give our living room so much atmosphere.”

Daydreaming, it’s so much fun. About my own house by the beach, for example! The sand between my toes and the sun warming my face. Sometimes I decide to

bring my daydreams to life! Not for real of course, but in miniature.

Can you make it?

The perfect excuse for a party! There are four invitations in Daphne’s Diary 5-2018. If you need more, you can download them from our download page.

My friend Charlotte has just got back from England. She went along to an English garden party there. I had never heard of one before. Maybe you have. Charlotte told me about the afternoon she spent in the garden, with snacks, drinks, games and even hats! Then, when the sun was out last week, Charlotte and I decided to host our own garden party. For a small group of four ladies. We had a brilliant time.

Charlotte created a table full of delicious things. We spent some time in the kitchen making real English party food. My friends loved it! And look at these beautiful wild flowers. I combined the colours light pink, dark pink and white for a romantic feel. Just a single flower in a vase looks so pretty.

These candles will keep the mosquitos away.

You will need:

  • –  a glass
  • –  slice of lime
  • –  slice of lemon
  • –  tealight
  • –  water
  • –  sprigs of


  • –  citronella oil

Put a slice of lime, a slice of lemon and some sprigs of rosemary in a glass. Fill the glass with water to about two thirds of the way up. Add five drops of citronella oil and float the tealight in the water.

Half a lemon or lime with cloves in will also work against insects.

N.B.: this is a homemade product. If you would like to make and use it yourself, this will be at your own risk.

– 1 tin of pineapple (500 g) – 200 ml coconut milk
– 125 ml water

Drain the pineapple and add all the ingredients to a bowl. Puree them with the hand blender or food processor. Divide the mixture between six ice cream moulds and place in the freezer for a minimum of four hours.

 Did you know that pineapple is good for your teeth? The nutrients in pineapple make them healthier, whiter and stronger.

My sister Sophie made this tablecloth from lots of cheerful fabrics. She got to work using a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, a measuring tape and her own creativity. The result: A table ready for a party! Sophie collected 18 different fabrics that make her feel happy. She cut them all to the same size: 124 x 44 cm (including 2 cm seam and hem). Sophie sewed the fabric together in two rows, using a sewing machine. Then just a hem around the edges and her gigantic 3.6 x 2.4 metre table cloth was ready to use!

Do you want to make this tablecloth?

You can order the fabric package for this tablecloth in two sizes at www.daphnesdiary.com

Read more about this tablecloth in Daphne’s Diary 05-2018

A little butterfly,

Is what I’d love to be.

Fluttering on the breeze,

The sun shining brightly.

I’d  fly around the garden,

Cheerful, with a smile.

Landing on the flowers

To rest there for a while.

I would  flap my wings,

Feeling oh so free.

I wish I was a butter y,

That’s the life for me.


Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Grease a 26-cm springform tin and sprinkle it with some flour. Separate the egg whites and yolks, keeping both to one side. Beat the egg yolks and add the sugar. Beat until the mixture has tripled in size. Add the vanilla sugar. In another bowl, beat the egg whites until light and fluffy. Fold the egg whites through the egg-yolk mixture. Sieve the flour and salt above the bowl and carefully fold these into the mixture. Spoon the batter into the springform tin and bake for 25 minutes in the oven. Then allow the cake to cool.

In the meantime, make the cream for the filling and topping. For this, add the mascarpone to a bowl and mix the whipping cream through it.

Wash the strawberries and cut them into slices. Cut the cooled cake through the middle horizontally. Spread the bottom cake layer with half of the cream and arrange half of the strawberries on top of this. Then add the second cake layer on top. Cover this with the rest of the cream and decorate with the remaining strawberries.

Ingredients for cake:

– flour for the springform tin

– 10 eggs

– 300 g sugar

– 2 tsp vanilla sugar

– 250 g flour

– pinch of salt


Ingredients for filling and topping:

– 500 g mascarpone

– 500 g strawberries

– 500 ml whipping


You will need:

– beer bottle caps

– paint

– a (sponge) brush

– string

– a glue gun

– glitters

1. You will need two beer bottle caps for each macaroon. Paint these in your chosen colours using the

sponge brush.

2. Tie the ends of the string together and glue the loop in place on the inside of the bottle cap, as shown in the photograph.

3. Glue a second bottle cap to the first. Make sure the loop is sticking out.

4. Apply a thick layer of glue around the middle of the macaroon and sprinkle this with glitter. Do this before the glue is dry.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne