A cup of tea with Tamsyn Morgans in Norfolk

What started as a hobby for Tamsyn has developed to become her greatest passion: providing others with inspiration for their home interiors. She gives vintage items and flea-market finds a new lease of life. Since 2012, Tamsyn has had a blog, where she writes about her latest acquisitions and offers tips on how to make your own house cosier.



Have you always been interested in interiors?

“I’ve always liked styling my own house. Over time, I realised I was spending so much time on it that I wanted to turn it into my work.”
And how did you start doing that?

“In the summer of 2016, I took a really big step. It was very exciting. I gave up my office job to become a freelancer. I did everything, styling other people’s interiors, giving workshops and speaking at events. Just as long as it was all related to vintage and interiors. And now I’m even sending my own photographs to your magazine!”


You can read her story in Daphne’s Diary 1-2018.





Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne