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Strawberry ice creams

Who doesn't like strawberry ice creams? They're the best when home made!

Kiwi ice lollies

Healthy kiwi ice cream recipe.

Blueberry ice creams

Healthy ice creams with blueberries, yoghurt and banana.

Cheesecake ice cream

Making cheesecake ice cream and cones yourself.

Spot the differences

Can you spot the 10 differeces?

Mini plant nursery

Make your own tiny plant nursery with an egg box!

A house full of macramé

I came across Fanny Zedenius’ photos on Instagram. What an amazing woman. She lives in

Making an insect hotel

I recently saw something really cool in my neighbour’s garden. A bed and breakfast, especially

Making flower cushions

A while ago, I made three flower cushions. I drew on the pattern using a

Cooking on the campfire

Recipes you can make on a campfire

Reading table with magazines

Last week I spent a rainy afternoon putting together this reading table. It’s made from

Dipped strawberries

These strawberries are perfect for a special occasion. They’re delicious to eat and fun to

Tie dye tea towels

DIY your own tie dye tea towels

Father’s Day chocolates

Chocolates with maple syrup

Boost your self-confidence

7 tips to boost your self-confidence