Calendula salve has wonderful antiseptic, healing and protective properties. You can use it on dry, chapped or cracked hands and to soothe itching and other skin problems.

You will need:

– 500 g vaseline
– 1 bag of marigolds
– small glass jars with lids

Find out how to make your own:

Chop the marigolds into small pieces and scoop these up in your cupped hands. You will need about four handfuls altogether. Melt the vaseline slowly in a pan. Make sure you choose an old pan that you no longer use to cook food. Stir the pieces of marigold into the vaseline and leave the mixture in the pan overnight. Then heat it up again and sieve it. 

Pour the salve into your glass jars. Wait for it to cool and then put the lids on. Place one pot in the bathroom, keep one in the kitchen and take one to work with you. It’s always handy to have some calendula salve with you wherever you are. And it’s even nicer when it comes straight from your very own pharmacy!

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne