Caramel waffles with stewed pear

Stroopwafeltoetje met stoofpeer
• 250 g mascarpone
• 250 ml whipping cream
• jar of stewed pears
• mini caramel waffles
• mixed spice
• vanilla pod

Chop the caramel waffles into small pieces. Beat the whipping cream until stiff and spoon the mascarpone through this. Make sure that the mixture remains light and airy. Then stir the vanilla from the inside of the pod through the combined cream and mascarpone.

Place the stewed pears in a sieve and leave them to drain. Then sprinkle them with mixed spice.

Take a couple of glasses and place the caramel waffles at the bottom. Add the cream mixture on top of this, then the stewed pears, finish with another cream layer.

Decorate the top with pieces of mini caramel waffle.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne