Cardboard and felt christmas trees

kerstbomen van vilt en karton

You will need:

– cardboard

– glue

– felt

– felt wool

– scissors



Make the cardboard into a cone. Trim the bottom until straight and glue the cone together. I made three different sizes. But all the same size would work too. Now it’s time to cover the cone with felt. Anything goes. I chose triangles, loops and felt wool.



Cut the felt into triangles. All the same size and shape. Stick the triangles onto the cone so they overlap. I used just one colour but it might be fun to use more. Cover the whole cone.

For the loops, you cut the felt into equally sized strips. Stick these onto the cone and make a loop. Then stick the felt down again. Cover the whole cone.
Felt wool

You can use the felt wool to cover the whole cone.

kerstbomen van vilt en karton


Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne