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Daphne’s Diary

Daphne’s Diary is a diary in the form of a magazine. Daphne invites you into her creative world of homes and gardens, cooking, travel, crafts and shopping. She writes about what she gets up to – experiences that readers can identify with and which form a source of inspiration. Each edition of Daphne’s Diary is a surprise. This diary magazine is produced from four types of paper and includes extra items, such as stickers, cards and things to fold, stick and cut out yourself.

Our magazine is distributed in Dutch in the Netherlands and Belgium, in German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in English in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, South Africa, Sweden, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

We publish a creative diary every year, in the same style as the magazine. There is also a Daphne’s Diary birthday calendar, magazine holder, gift box, fragrance sachets, hangers, labels, cards, letter paper, envelopes etc.



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