Cuddly llama

You will need:

– card
– felt
– scissors
– wool
– ribbons and decorations from a haberdashery
– a needle and thread
– a pen


Start by drawing the llama on a piece of card and cutting it out. Then use the card as a template and trace around it to transfer your llama outline to the felt. Do this twice, so you have two pieces of material.

Sew the two pieces of material together, but make sure to leave a small opening, so that you can stuff your llama with wool.

Fill the llama with as much wool as you can, so it’s nice and plump, then sew it up completely.

Voilà! Now you have a blank llama canvas! Time to turn it into a work of art. Decorate the llama with pretty ribbons and decorations. I decided to choose as many bright colours as I could, since llamas come from the colourful Andes mountains.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne