Italy’s antiques cabinet



Tuscan treasure chest

Arezzo is in Tuscany. Of course this region is very famous for its history, hills and the good food. But antiques? I hadn’t known that before. According to Lisa, it’s the perfect place to look for second-hand items.


The busy fiera antiquaria

If you are nearby this summer, you really must try to visit Arezzo on the  rst Sunday of the month. This is when the whole world seems to converge on the Fiera Antiquaria, the largest and oldest antiques market in Italy, which has been running since 1968. I read that there are more than 500 stands at the market, which sell everything and anything. From crockery to glass, silver, jewellery, linen, furniture, art and curiosities.


Coffee, Italian style

After wandering around and shopping in the sun, there are plenty of places to relax and get your strength up.  At the popular Caffé dei Costanti, the whole city comes to enjoy a morning cappuccino and then, later in the afternoon, a misto salumi toscani, with a drink, or a mixed antipasti platter. Typically Italian, all those delicious pure snacks like bruschetta with figs and crumbly cheeses.


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