DIY ideas for easter

  1. Easter bunny for your cutlery

Cut an Easter bunny out of felt, for example, and slide your cutlery in.

Easter DIY


2. Decorate eggs with string and small flowers or twigs

These are very easy to make but they look so cheerful on the table!

Easter DIY


3. Plants in an egg box

I came across this photo on Pinterest. Perfect as a table decoration at Easter.

This idea comes from


4. Crochet an egg warmer

I want to crochet these sweet little hats to keep the eggs warm.

This photo is from

5. Rabbit bunting

A simple and cheerful work of art. I gave the rabbits a tail with a little pompom. Cheerful bunting especially for Easter. You can cut the rabbits out of Daphne’s Diary magazine 02-2017 or make them from Daphne’s Diary Paper Block paper, for example.

From Daphne’s Diary magazine 02-2017.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne