Easton Walled Gardens



More than 400 years of English charm

Stoke Rochford, Colsterworth, Bassingthorpe, English villages and counties often have such beautiful, classical names. And right between all these places is the green area of the Lincolnshire Vale, home to Easton Walled Gardens. Wouldn’t you love to own these fairy-tale gardens? You would feel like a prince. If you didn’t think too much about the maintenance, that is. The 4.85-hectare estate belongs to the proud Cholmeley family.


Their own maze

The family members that have lived here have all adapted things to their taste over the years. Sometimes they have even redirected whole rivers. The Cholmeley family has been updating the gardens. They created a maze as well as a cottage garden, rose garden, vegetable garden, a range of new borders and lots more beautiful things. Now there are also two striking old trees that catch your eye straight away.


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