Handy holiday tips

Important phone numbers
Before you set off to go abroad, make sure you have all the most important numbers on your phone. Like your insurance company, your bank and anyone who’s going to look after your house while you’re away.

Email yourself

Email the reference numbers on your travel documents to yourself. Like your passport, driving licence, registration certificate, bank cards, credit cards and health insurance. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of everything with your mobile phone.

Extra clothing

Take some extra clothing with you on the plane in your hand luggage, just in case your baggage doesn’t go to the right airport.

Don’t fold, roll

Do you tend to end up sitting on your overfull suitcase in order to zip it up? It’s always a challenge. Especially on the way back, with all those souvenirs and that new summer dress. One solution is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. More space and fewer creases.

Socks in your shoes

Another handy tip is to use your shoes as storage space. You can fill them with small things like socks and underwear.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne