Make your own reindeer

You will need:

– wood
– wood glue
– (decorations)

Find out how to make your own:

You need a good thick stick for the body and the head as well as some slightly thinner ones for the neck, tail and the legs. Saw them to the right length and stick them together using wood glue. For the antlers you will need two thin sticks with lots of side twigs. They will look most like antlers once they’re attached to the head. Add a little nose and mouth and your reindeer is complete!

Of course you could add a bit more decoration to your reindeer too. With paint, pieces of fabric or maybe with glitter. Whatever you think is cute. Arrange a few reindeer together under the Christmas tree. You can be sure they will make you feel happy.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne