Daphne’s Diary 01-2020 English


  • DIY:

Who will you give a love voucher to; This origami whale is so sweet; Draw your favourite pieces of clothing; My Bullet Journal; Heart stamp made from a potato; Crocheted macarons; A sweet card needs a sweet envelope

  • Interior:

Guesthouse La Laiterie

  • Vintage:

Sonia and I went antique shopping

  • Garden:

Help your garden survive the winter

  • Trips:

Holiday tip for spring 2020: along the Moselle by bike; An amazing journey through the south of Iceland

  • Culture:

Write to me with your best pen

  • Interactive:

Let your imagination run and wild and take on the challenge with the ‘Write-a-story game’; A table for your Valentine; Spot the 10 differences

  • Inspiration:

What is your personality type; Clare’s wonderful world of animals; Bears made with lots of love; Book tips; Francesca Vonck from The Haque is an artist, she makes children’s books

Personal stories, my mother’s tips, delicious recipes, body & health, shopping ideas, mind & reflection, poems and fun extra’s. 

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