Daphne’s Diary 02_2018 English

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  • DIY:

wrapping flower bulbs; at the table with cheerful cutlery holders; drawing a teacup step by step; made by me, dishwasher powder; easter hangers made from clay; a nice addition to your clothes; how to make a plant pot out of wooden planks and chicken wire; make your own mini vegetable farm; how to fold a rabbit; put together your own tropical scene

  • Interior:

Emily and Paul live in a cottage in Los Angeles; bring the spring inside with an original bunch of tulips; B&B Côté Verger

  • Vintage:

treasures at Michele’s brocanterie

  • Garden:

De Wiersse Manor House; my garden in March

  • Trips:

a weekend Krakow

  • Culture:

so tempting and delicious, chocolate

  • Interactive:

hello adventures; how to write a poem; how do you like your eggs, and what does that say about your character; nice things to do in spring

  • Inspiration:

fabrics by Naomi Sisson; copper wire art with Oksana Trukhan; crafting lunch with four ladies around the table; Bettina’s flower decorations; Hilary makes dolls; turn your old books into a nightstand; a smashing craft project

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