Daphne’s Diary 03_2018 English


  • DIY:

making cards with Anne; a wreath of succulents; a paper cactus; spot the 10 differences; together all the triangles form an artistic basket;  ginving an old pot a new lease of life; weekplanner; make your own necklace form fimo clay; draw a dandelion step by step; the lady in the frame; handwriting; made by me, rose oil; tropical flower wreath

  • Interior:

Emerson Creek, a perfect place to relax and daydream

  • Vintage:

vintage in Ljungskille, Sweden at Katharina Wadenbrandt

  • Garden:

your own herb garden; pick your own in the countryside; June’s romantic garden

  • Trips:

B&B La Scuola in beautiful Lusiana, Italy; a few days at a stylish cottage in St. Agnes

  • Culture:


  • Interactive:

I whis…; what does your favourite flower say about your personality; cleaning jobs to do in the spring

  • Inspiration:

Jaap Heinen, Delft blue pottery painted bij hand; a floral arrangement; Eugenia Nazaret paints fruit in the shape of bottles; small gifts for mothers; a birdcage as a lampshade; landscapes made from colourful thread, Carolina Torres

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