Daphne’s Diary 04_2018 English

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  • DIY:

cake for the front of a card; time for a film evening with friends, cards; embroider cards, good hair day; turn beer bottle caps into cute macaroons; DIY-kite; pretty flower cushions with fabric and pens; stickers with a twist; how to fold a summery butterfly; made by me, musquitos candles; roadtrip checklist; 6 pretty paper hats

  • Interior:

a look around… a house full of macramé; Olivia’s house is full of romance; coloring page

  • Garden:

an amazing animal, the bee; mu greenhouse in June; the kitchen drawer of Margaux from Toulouse (France); The Royal Gardens at Highgrove House; this summer I’m putting pretty flowers on the table

  • Trips:

Porto’s Azulejo tiles; cycling among the flamingo’s in the Netherlands and Germany

  • Culture:

how your life would have looked in the ’50s

  • Interactive:

the cutting newspaper; memory game; what your handwriting says about your personality

  • Inspiration:

mini-BBQ made from tins and chicken wire; tiny plants in cork; make something beautiful from pistachio shells; Trini Guzman, between the threads; making music on skateboards, Gianfranco and Ezequiel; Sammy owens’ menagerie; film night with friends; love of paper with Imre van Buuren

Personal stories, my mother’s tips, delicious recipes, body & health, shopping ideas, mind & reflection, poems and fun extra’s. 

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