Daphne’s Diary 06-2019 English


  • DIY: A bow like this makes any present extra special, A cheerful sandwich bag made from paper, Waste free and a special lunch, Vintage plate rack, Cute pencil case, Summer elegance around your neck, A fruity garland to make you happy.


  • Interior: Bohemian feel in an old caravan.


  • Culture: Claude Monet the world-famous French painter.


  • Garden: My garden in september, Rebecca and Staffan’s garden.


  • Trips: Emilie turned an 18th century farm into a luxurious guesthouse.


  • Interactive: What your bag says about you, Keep hold of that holiday feeling, Give yourself a compliment, Querkles your new hobby?, Draw a caravan, Mastermind, Make your own comic strip, Get to know yourself better.


  • Inspiration: Vintage at an old farm, Bean sprouts in your tea, Tea ladies but with a twist, Time to Party, Pompom rug, Woollen dolls.


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