Daphne’s Diary 1-2019 English


  • DIY: 

Decorate the flower lady; Love Roses; 18 High points of 2018; How to make a doll’s house out of an old bookcase; Tea cup from paper; Relax calender.

  • Interior: 

4 wallpaper ideas for when you just want something different.

  • Vintage:

An interview with Tante Brocante.

  • Garden:

These are herbs you can grow on your kitchen windowsill – even in the winter.

  • Trips: 

For any woman who wants to surprise her man; Reader offer: Four days with the car to new forest National Park; Villa 27; The Hague.

  • Culture:

Will you be my Valentine.

  • Interactive:

Are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter person?; Winter Hunt; Design your favourite hairstyle.

  • Inspiration: 

Alicia dyes fabrics using plants; Flowers in ice in water; To my Valentine; Knife block made out of old cookery books; Books made of brick; Evgenia Ermilova; Cupcake in a Cup.

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