Daphne’s Diary 2-2019 English


  • DIY:

Make your own Bird house; Paper eggs; The egg family on your table; Art made from leaves of paper; Egg decoupage; Feathered paper flying ‘painting’ on the wall.

  • Interior:

A peek into Nicolle Menegaldo’s vintage caravan; Olivio, Malcolm, Daniela, Alice and Arwen’s dream house.

  • Garden:

Pashley Manor Gardens.

  • Trips:

Fjällraven Classic 2018, Swedish Lapland;

B&B ‘De Knechtenkamer’.

  • Culture:

Sport as it used to be.

  • Interactive:

Recognizable city drawing; What kind of coffee drinker are you?; How to draw a still life in five steps; Fleur en couleur; Pictionary.

  • Inspiration:

My niece Alice’s Wedding cake; Who is doing what for the big spring clean; An interview with Angela Schwer; Papier mâché dolls.

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