Daphne’s Diary 4-2019 English


  • DIY:

cheerful fluttering butterflies; these straws will fill you with joy; bird decoration; a summery flower in 5 steps; search page; try looking at the world  through different lenses; summery paper hyacinths

  • Interior:

explosion of colour

  • Garden:

my windowsill garden; Theej & Nel’s Garden

  • Trips:

Puglia; relax and unwind on the English coast

  • Culture:

letter writing through the years

  • Interactive:

what your favourite holiday destination says about you; tell us….

  • Inspiration:

unique bathroom furniture by Esther Judith Rech; beautiful ceramics by Polly Fern; picnic on a pallet; a display unit made from tables; a little nest for your favourite plant; drawing makes you happy

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