Daphne’s Diary 5-2019 English


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  • DIY:
    Beautiful Bath Bombs that you can make yourself; invitation cards; folding envelopes; draw a mandolin; summer bag; pretty fans to keep yourself cool.

  • Interior:
    Vintage in Esther’s house.
  • Garden:
    My bottle garden; Town Place Garden.

  • Trips:
    Classic hospitality at Magnolia Springs B&B; aunty Tina and uncle Dick in Austria’s Stubaital.

  • Culture:
    Holidays back in the day.

  • Interactive:
    What does your favorite pizza say about you?; wrapping with words; Pictionary; Guess who? Play along; Colorpage.

  • Inspiration:

Ninamaakt designs cards; year mood in pixels; David turns old stuff into fantastic butterflies; stay close to home this summer; spring celebration with sun, juices and smoothies; How to make a comfortable chaise longue; summer books; Alexandra uses textiles and dried flowers in her beautiful creations.

Personal stories, my mother’s tips, delicious recipes, body & health, shopping ideas, mind & reflection, poems and fun extra’s. 

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