Daphne’s Diary 7-2018 English


  • DIY:

an apple with a modern twist; draw a model; turn a shirt in an apron; a poster of your family tree; tea towels with an autuminal design; cheerful balls hung from sticks and string

  • Interior:

Manuela’s green palace

  • Garden:

my greenhouse, growing beetroot. Go for it; The Mount, a famous writer’s estate;

  • Trips:

a walking weekend in Roseland, Cornwall; Jeroen and Aafke explore Mechelen

  • Culture:

tick tock; here comes winter time

  • Interactive:

what does your favourite animal say about you; which romantic film should you watch

  • Inspiration:

scrapbooking with paper and textiles; a look around…goldsmith Su Kroker’s studio; Puppa dolls by Anika; picknick at the farm; a vintage transformation for a modern Swedish cabinet; vintage tray; 3D embroidery, fabulous textile art by Jessica Grady

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