DIY Christmas baubles ‘red’


Bright christmas baubles made from polystyrene and fabric

  • 9 baubles
  • rope
  • fabrics


Draw a dot on the top and bottom of the ball with a pen. Draw lines to divide the ball into four sections. Now score along these lines using a knife. Next, pick up the pieces of fabric. Cut them to the size of the segments. Just a little larger, actually. I added half a centimetre. That makes things easier.

Push the edge of the fabric into the ball, bit by bit. Using the knife or the pen, for example. I found a skewer worked well too! You can trim off any leftover bits. Then repeat the process with the other three quarters. Tie the string around the ball, so that it sits neatly in the scored lines. Tie the string tightly. Keep going to make some more baubles, until your Christmas tree is lovely and cheerful!

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