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About this product
Make some time for yourself, or treat someone who deserves to be pampered with the Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit
The Bath Bomb Kit includes:
* Epsom salt
* Baking soda
* Citric acid
* Cornstarch
* Coconut oil
* Essential oil (choose from relaxing lavender, calming eucalyptus or mood-boosting mandarin or energizing pink grapefruit)
* Color Pigment
* Reusable shape mold for bath bombs
* Step by step guide
Each kit contains enough ingredients to make 5 bath bombs. All ingredients are natural, vegan and gentle on sensitive skin. Where possible, our packaging is environmentally friendly.
The Pamper Hamper contains:
* Soak Make your own skin care mask set
* 2 bath bombs
* Hand poured relaxing beeswax candle
* Coco Edinburgh chocolate bar with salted
* The Little Book of Calmness
The Make Your Bath Bomb Kit and The Pamper Hamper are presented in a beautiful kraft gift box and include a step-by-step guide, making it an excellent luxury gift for someone special, or as a personal treat.

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