Shirt – apron

I recently found an old shirt in my cupboard that had shrunk in the wash, but I still really liked the pattern. I decided to research what I could make with it. And it turns out that it’s quite easy to turn an old shirt into a little apron. Very handy! Aprons aren’t just pretty, they also help you to keep your clothes nice and clean while you’re cooking.

You will need:

  • a large shirt with buttons
  • a seam ripper
  • an ironing board and iron
  • a measuring tape
  • 30 cm x 150 cm piece of patterned fabric
  • two 15 cm x 20 cm pieces of patterned fabric
  • washable marker pen
  • dressmaking pins
  • sewing machine


Step 1: Cut off the bottom half of the shirt, under the sleeves. This will be the length of the apron.

Step 2: Turn the cut-off piece of shirt round and cut the back open, in the middle. Lay the shirt flat. Then measure 75 cm from the buttons and trim the edges.

Step 3: Hem the sides of the cut-off piece of shirt.

Step 4: Thread the top by hand or using a sewing machine. Pull on the piece of thread, to create pleats.

Step 5: Cut a length of fabric for the strings that you tie around your waist (30 x 150 cm). Fold both edges of this band over and pin these in place. Then iron it flat. Fold the whole band in half lengthways and iron it flat again.

Step 6: Place the band on the table with the good side facing up and lay the apron on top. Fold the band over the pleated top edge of the apron. Sew this securely.

Step 7: Take the other fabric and cut out two pieces measuring 15 x 20 cm for the pockets. Fold a centimetre of the fabric inwards all the way around and iron this flat. Then sew a seam, the top of the pocket. Pin the pockets in place and sew them in position.


Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne