To serve 4

– 20 trifle sponges
– 120 g dark chocolate
– 250 ml whole milk
– 4 eggs
– 100 g sugar
– 500 g mascarpone
– handful of hazelnuts
– 4 tbsp cocoa


Break the chocolate up into small pieces and melt them in a pan with 50 ml milk. Gradually mix in the rest of the milk. Allow to cool.

Separate the whites and yolks of the eggs. Beat the yolks in a bowl with the sugar to form a creamy mixture. Add the mascarpone little by little. Beat the egg whites to a stiff foam. Spoon the egg-white foam carefully through the mascarpone mixture.

Pour the chocolate milk into a bowl. Dip the trifle sponges in this. Serve a spoonful of the mascarpone into a dessert bowl. Then add a layer of trifle sponges on top, along with some hazelnuts. Now another layer of mascarpone, a layer of trifle sponges with hazelnuts and then finish with mascarpone. Place the tiramisu in the fridge for 12 hours. Sprinkle some cocoa on top before serving and decorate with homemade biscuits.

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