Unwinding in Millook



A pearl in dreamy Cornwall

I’m still enjoying the memories from a few days I recently spent with Rob in St Agnes, Cornwall. My sister was very enthusiastic about Cornwall too, after we got back and told her all about it. So she decided to visit this coastal county in the southwest of England herself. She went to a different place, Millook in Widemouth Bay. And I must say: the photographs, wow! If I hadn’t just been to Cornwall myself, I would have booked into The Beach Hut straight away as well. What a romantic place.


B&B 2DD5


The Beach Hut was built in 1920. It was originally intended to function as a tearoom – how English can you get!? Years later, it has been turned into a photogenic holiday home. That makes sense, because this property is right on the beach. There’s a very good reason that it’s so popular with writers, artists and of course couples. And it’s also one of the best kept secrets among the surfers in Widemouth.


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Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne