Daphne’s Diary 06_2018 English

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  • DIY:

time for tea for you and me; tea labels; bookmark with flowers and leaves; wooden hangers; a fun necklace made from wool; jumping cat; made by me, facemask; jam on bread and on paper; colouring page; cactus houses

  • Interior:

my kitchen drawer from Denise

  • Garden:

my greenhouse, time for tea

  • Trips:

Montenegro in 12 hours; run through the lavender fields, a look around at Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania; Regensburg, a fairy tale on the Danube

  • Culture:

pets through the years

  • Interactive:

how to start saving for Christmas now

  • Inspiration:

Scrabble on the wall; write your own story; Brenda’s collages, full of joy; wooden spoons with a story; embroidery, it’s back in fashion; Meghan Griffiths makes folklore you can cuddle; XXL knitting; Gemma makes natural shapes from paper; drinking water with a French twist, painting glasses with lavender sprigs

Personal stories, my mother’s tips, delicious recipes, body & health, shopping ideas, mind & reflection, poems and fun extra’s. 

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