Daphne’s Diary 3-2019 English


  • DIY:

Cute gift boxes; A paper plant; Decorate your bag; Pompoms; Spring book, Summer calendar.

  • Interior:

Vintage in the Norwegian countryside.

  • Garden:

David Austin’s rose gardens; My windowsill garden.

  • Trips:

A long weekend at the Signal Station in Cornwall; Martine spent a weekend in the Algarve.

  • Culture:

Prams through the years.

  • Interactive:

What are your plans for this spring?; What your shoes say about your character?; Draw a swan in five steps; Pictionary; Night and day folding paper; Colorpage.

  • Inspiration:

Name cards for that extra something; Pure nature jewellery made from real flowers; An interview with Janny van der Vliet; Handlettering lunch; Tulip tart, how to make it; Chalk artworks.

Personal stories, my mother’s tips, delicious recipes, body & health, shopping ideas, mind & reflection, poems and fun extra’s. 

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