3D pop up card ‘New baby’


It’s a New Baby and Congratulations are in the air:  The sweet baby basket is hanging from a gossamer thread in the tree.  Inside is a brand new baby.  All the characters from the baby’s nursery are detailed on layer upon layer of wonderful illustration.  The balloons are floating in the air, the monkey is waving his flag, adorned with the most important word:Congratulations.  With its beautiful sherbet colours this card is perfect for the new mother as she welcomes her new baby into the world.
The New Baby:  A cornucopia of all the lovely toys and decorations that are found in a new baby’s nursery, illustrated in an array of delicate pastel colours suitable for either a little boy or a little girl.  The stuffed giraffe, the playful monkey, the big squashy elephant, all stand by to comfort the new baby as the crib swings gently in the breeze.  This illustration is second to none and the paper engineering plays to the very best of laser technologies.
A large message panel on the back of the card for your own words.

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