Poster de tomates A4


The title of the poster is Danish.
Names of varieties in English
Tomatoes vary in appearance, taste and size. Some are oblong, some small and some large. Christmas tomatoes are sweet and can be eaten like candy, while other varieties are bitter and have firm flesh. The many varieties provide different experiences of sweetness, acidity, fleshiness and juiciness. It adds great opportunities to gastronomy because of its pure umami. They are low in calories and fat, contain antioxidants and vitamins, all in line with today’s need for healthy eating.
This small poster features 36 flavoursome tomato varieties carefully selected by Lene Tvedegaard, owner of Gartneri Toftegaard (DK).
– 21 x 29.7 cm.
– Packed in biodegradable cellophane bag.
– Languages: Danish, English.
All our posters are printed on swan-labelled printing. The paper is FSC-certified.

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