A house full of macramé


I came across Fanny Zedenius’ photos on Instagram. What an amazing woman. She lives in a small apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, where she makes macramé. To sell, but also for herself.

What do you like best about creating macramé for other people?

“What I really enjoy about my work is the strong, friendly and creative community on Instagram. I have lots of friends that I’ve never met in real life but who I’m in contact with every day. Without that contact through social media, my work wouldn’t be as much fun!”

Do you use special string for your macramé?

“I like to work with natural fibres, particularly raw cotton. I use that to make almost everything.”

And how do you work?

“It starts with an idea, which I develop to produce a pattern. Then I start knotting. I only decide what the final product will look like during the production process. I rarely end up with something that looks exactly like what I had initially imagined.”
Macramé Macramé

How do you find running your own business?

“I love it. Every day is different. I’ve always been a creative person and now I can finally express that.”

Your house looks very cosy, where do you get your interior inspiration?

“I love all the colours and plants in my house. I like the warm, bohemian style in contrast to the typical Scandinavian style. I also like my homemade furniture, such as the sofa and bookshelves. They make my home unique.”

Do you often change things at home?

“Yes, I do. My taste changes and then I change my interior straight away too. But what you will always find in my home is plants and macramé.”


What is the best thing you’ve ever made?

“It’s difficult to say. Every new object becomes my favourite!”