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How to Make a Paper Pinwheel

Do you remember them from the past, the pinwheels you folded from paper and that

This is how you easily make a pom-pom

Oh, those pom-poms, I love them! But how do you make a pom-pom? They’re not

DIY adorable egg cups for Easter

Got leftover pieces of crepe paper lying around? Use them to make these cute egg

Valentine soap hearts

Soap hearts made with love Valentine’s Day, a nice occasion to give your loved one

DIY stacked up crockery

Stack up your old crockery Every time I wander through the thrift shop, I see

Winter treats for birds!

Aren’t they lovely? Anne and I made these ice creams for the birds in our

DIY Valentine’s heart

Make a DIY valentine’s heart So sweet, I found this present on the kitchen table

Make a heart stamp from a potato

Make a heart stamp from a potato For Valentine’s Day, I sometimes make a heart

Lavender soaps

One thing I love doing is making my own soaps. I use them myself, but

Painting plates

Would you like to brighten up your dining table without buying yet more new things?

Making flower cushions

A while ago, I made three flower cushions. I drew on the pattern using a

Reading table with magazines

Last week I spent a rainy afternoon putting together this reading table. It’s made from

Tie dye tea towels

DIY your own tie dye tea towels

Garden trug made from MDF

DIY garden trug for your garden tools

Upcycling with flowers and plants

We are all used to recycling our plastic, paper and other materials these days. But