Making an insect hotel

I recently saw something really cool in my neighbour’s garden. A bed and breakfast, especially for insects! She told me that insects aren’t scary or dirty at all. They are very nice, useful creatures, who can help you out in the garden. Bees pollinate the plants, ladybirds eat irritating aphids and butterflies create a wonderful summery scene. These animals can shelter in an insect B&B in bad weather, lay their eggs there and even hibernate over the winter.

You will need:

– A wooden crate
– An electric drill
– A saw
– Wooden planks
– Bark
– Pinecones
– Twigs
– Egg box
– Chicken wire
– Straw

What you need to do:

Luckily, making your own insect B&B isn’t too tricky. It can be big or small and it can have a few cracks. The insects won’t mind that at all. The only thing is they don’t like paint or glue very much and prefer natural wood.

Divide the wooden crate into different sections using planks of wood. These will be the various rooms. Fill each area with a natural material. Drill some holes for the bees. Now just add a roof and your B&B is ready for its first visitors!