Making flower cushions

A while ago, I made three flower cushions. I drew on the pattern using a black fabric pen. I think they turned out well. You can find out how to make your own flower cushions below.

You will need:

– black fabric pen
– white paper
– scissors
– fabric
– pencil
– cushion filling
– sewing machine
– needle and thread

This is how you make them:

1. Draw a flower design on a piece of paper or download some from our website and print them out.

2. Cut the flower out of the paper. Fold the fabric in half and place the paper flower on top. Draw a border around the edge of the flower using a pencil and cut the shape out of the fabric. You will now have two fabric flowers. Draw on the details with the pencil. Once you’re totally happy, trace over the lines with the black fabric pen.

Flowers drawn on fabric Flowers drawn on fabric with marker

3. Place the pieces of fabric on top of each other, with the drawing facing inwards. Sew around the outside using the sewing machine and leave a small part open. Turn the cushion cover the right way out and stuff it with cushion filling. Finally, sew the open part closed using a needle and thread.