Mini plant nursery

Mini plant nursery

You will need:

– seed or cutting compost
– half an egg box
– eggshells
– seeds
– a spray bottle
You can use all kinds of different seeds. Just experiment and see what happens!

What you need to do:

Spoon the compost into the egg cups. Add one or more seeds to each and push them down carefully, about 1 cm below the surface, so they’re covered with soil.

Mini plant nursery step 1 Mini plant nursery step 2

It’s best to give tiny seedlings water using a spray bottle. Carefully spray a small amount of water into the egg cups every day. That way you can make sure the soil doesn’t become waterlogged.

Mini plant nursery step 3

You can put your mini plant nursery anywhere. We keep ours on the kitchen windowsill. And Anne has one by the window in her bedroom too.


When growing young plants, it’s best to use a special seed or cutting compost rather than potting compost. There are no added nutrients in these, so they’re perfectly suited to vulnerable young plants.