Upcycling at Christmas

Upcycle some old things to make your Christmas celebrations really creative. This table is covered in Christmas decorations made from used materials.


We often keep our best-loved ornaments in a special place. After Christmas we put them away carefully, ready to unwrap again the next year. This tradition has inspired the new upcycling trend of turning old materials into the most beautiful decorations. Like this gorgeous table display. From silver cutlery to amber-coloured glassware and matching seasonal flowers. The homemade candles in vintage silver gravy boats are a lovely detail too.

I think it’s really nice to create a special place setting for each guest. With a nice silver tray, shiny cutlery, a pretty plate and of course a neatly folded napkin. And instead of ‘ordinary’ name cards, you can also give each guest their own water carafe. A vintage bottle with a name tag will give your Christmas table a really personal feel. For such a richly decorated table you would have to keep your eye out for beautiful finds at vintage shops and markets all year round.

Homemade candles in a vintage silver gravy boat make a great eyecatcher on your table. They’re created using high-quality soya wax. And if you add a couple of drops of essential oil they’ll produce a wonderful Christmassy fragrance.

The plywood African antelope above has been turned into a statement Christmas decoration. The antlers have been sprayed gold and the whole thing has been decorated with lots and lots of leaves. It will definitely get people talking! The ‘Christmas tree’ below is made from a turnstile. It was found on the street and someone had the idea of turning it into a bright and beautiful tree. Adding lots of glass decorations in similar tones creates a unique and stylish effect.

Thinking of making your own Christmas cards? I think the idea above is wonderful. The cards are made from photos of Christmas decorations. Have a look through all your Christmas ornaments and then take photos of your favourite ones. These days it’s easy to edit your photos in an app, to make them all the same colour, for example. Once you’re happy with your finished photos, print them onto postcards. You can then send the cards to your family and friends. But you can also use them yourself, as a Christmas decoration. By hanging them all up together or finding a nice spot for them somewhere around the house.