Beautiful glasswork


Glasses and vases

You need curved glasses or vases to create the best effect.

These are really easy to make. You gently tease the wire wool apart and then pull it down over the glass or vase. You can stop at the bottom or you can keep going. If you pull the wire wool down over the end, you will need to press the wire wool flat against the bottom of the glass or vase, so it still stands upright. You fill the glass or vase with water and then carefully insert the plant.

Make sure you choose plants that can grow without soil. Growing plants in water is called hydroculture. All these plants need is some fresh water every now and then.


I found some plants that grow well with their roots submerged in water.

– anthurium
– begonia
– avocado
– lavender
– basil
– rosemary
– clusia
– devil’s vine
– ivy
– philodendron
– sage