“Forrest Gnomes” 8 different Christmas cards


In the forest live little gnomes who help the animals and tease the people. They are very angry with the humans who throw rubbish in the wild and spoil their beautiful forest and so they tease them. Together with the animals, they live peacefully and if they can help them find food or a place to live, they do so.
The motifs on the cards are:
Ulmus = elm – he is interested in fire and the resin of trees.
Calluna = common heather – it warns a fox pup not to eat human waste.
Trollius = bulbous flower – he builds birdhouses for his friends so they can stay safe and warm in the cold winter cold.
Pinus = pine – he throws cones from spruce and pine trees for people who have thrown litter in the wild.
Malus = apple – he is ready with food for hungry animals.
Anemone = anemone – she loves Christmas and all the animals in the forest.

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