DIY adorable egg cups for Easter

DIY schattige eierdopjes

Got leftover pieces of crepe paper lying around? Use them to make these cute egg cups. I made mine from pink and green paper, so they look like pretty spring flowers. But of course you could go for any combination you fancy.

You will need

  • Different coloured crepe paper
  • A cardboard tube
  • A glue gun
  • A craft knife
  • A pair of scissors

How to make these DIY adorable egg cups

Cut around 3 cm off the cardboard roll. Then cut the crepe paper to size. Use two lengths of pink paper and one length of green paper, each 8 centimetres long and 6 cm wide. Snip the crepe paper into the desired shapes: curves on the pink paper and triangles in the shape of stalks of grass on the green paper.

Shape the paper a little bit before sticking it to the cardboard. Start by wrapping a piece of pink paper around the cardboard and fold it back a little bit every now and then, gluing it in place. Repeat with the second length of pink paper. Finish with the grass, twisting the ends of the grass stalks into a point with your fingers before gluing the green paper down too.

DIY schattige eierhouders

The great thing about this DIY is that you can totally put your own spin on it. You can choose different colours and shapes to create a cheerful spring bouquet, for example. I am curious to see what creative ideas you come up with, please share them with me!

Love, Daphne

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