How to cook the perfect egg

Hoe kook je een ei

An egg is a lovely thing… But how do you cook them? I got this tip from my mother once and it works perfectly.

Here’s how to cook the perfect egg

An egg should never be missing from a tasty breakfast. My family love them here at home too. But what is the perfect egg? That of course depends on who’s eating it and how big the egg is. I always buy medium-sized eggs myself, and whether they want it soft, medium or hard, thanks to these timings, cooking is a piece of cake. Rob likes a really soft egg, one that he can dig out with a teaspoon. I therefore use 2 minutes of cooking time for this. I put the egg in a pan of boiling water and let it rise for 2 minutes. For Barney I can go a little longer, around 4 minutes is perfect.
I myself like a medium egg. The yolk doesn’t have to be very hard for me, but not snotty either. Around 6 minutes is perfect! Anne, on the other hand, wants her egg really hard, so for that I leave it for 10 minutes. I actually did an egg once for 15 minutes by accident and our dog Mr Bear was quite happy with that!

hoe kook je een ei

Hopefully this tip comes in handy for you.
Love, Daphne

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