Make a small Christmas tree

There’s nothing better than a Christmas tree if you ask me. But it doesn’t have to be a big, traditional one. Over the last few years I’ve made these mini ones too, as an alternative.

You will need:

– a bowl
– oasis foam
– a conifer branch
– moss
– scissors
– a knife
– a skewer
– green thread or steel wire
– decorations

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Cut the oasis foam to fit perfectly in the bowl. You’ll be able to see the bowl once your tree is finished, so it’s nice if you can find a pretty one.

  2. Cover the oasis foam with moss and press it down firmly. Make sure the moss covers the rim of the bowl.

  3. Now the real work can begin: cut the conifer branch into little sprigs and stack these up.

  4. Grab the skewer and fasten the sprigs of pine to it using the thread or wire. Make sure that the end that would normally be attached to the trunk is attached to the skewer. That creates the most natural effect.

  5. Time to decorate! Push the skewer, now covered in pine sprigs, into the oasis foam and start collecting your ornaments. I like working with natural decorations when I make a little Christmas tree like this one: pieces of orange, red berries and (fake) apples too. Don’t forget to choose something special for the top of the tree.

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