A suitcase doll’s house

Daphne's Diary dollhouse


1. Draw

Start by drawing a door, windows and a roof on the back of the suitcase. Don’t draw on the lid, as that will be the floor of your house. I decided to draw on the cardboard case that I was using with white gel pen.

2. Cut

Cut around three sides of one or two of the windows. Then you can open and close the windows, just like a real house! 

3. Washi tape bunting

Make some bunting using different coloured washi tape for each little flag. Fold a piece of washi tape over a length of string or wool and then use scissors to cut it into a flag shape. You could cut some shapes out of washi tape and stick them on the back wall too. I added some little triangles.

4. Rug and table

Cut a little rug out of some felt. I made a circular rug for my doll’s house. Then use a big button on a wooden spool to create a table. A smaller spool would make a great vase. The rest of the furniture can be made using cardboard or very thin wood.

5. Glue

Decide where you would like to place all your furniture and make sure the suitcase can still close. Then glue everything in position.