From plastic bottle to Christmas bell

You will need:

– a 1 litre plastic bottle

– gold paper

– a small gold bauble

– gold ribbon and tulle ribbon

– length of thin gold tinsel

– Stanley knife, scissors and glue

Carefully remove the top half of the bottle using the Stanley knife (1). Trim the bottom to make sure it’s straight (2). Wrap the top of the bottle in gold paper (3). Smooth the paper down so that it fits the bottle neatly (4). Stick some decorative paper ribbon around the top and bottom (5). Tie the tinsel to the small bauble (6) and attach the other end inside the bell (7). Use the tulle ribbon to make a bow (8) and stick it to the top of the bell (9). Tie some tinsel to the bell and hang it in the Christmas tree.

Lots of love and have a nice day, see you soon! Daphne