Get straight into holiday mode

Lots of people find it hard to get straight into holiday mode. For the first few days of their holiday, they just don’t feel great. That’s often because we’re particularly busy right before we go on holiday and then suddenly we have nothing to do at all. It’s a big adjustment. So you can sometimes end up with a headache, feeling nauseous or even being sick. What a waste! I’ve put together some tips to help you destress, so you can get into the holiday spirit quicker.


One thing that can help is fitting in some exercise after your last day of work. Working up a sweat, so you can get rid of all that extra energy. An hour at the gym or a run really helps to get your body in balance. 


Starting your holiday with something active is a good idea too. That will also help your body to release all the stress and energy, so it’s easier for you to unwind. Go for a nice cycle ride or a long walk on your first day.

Turn your phone off

Turn your phone off at the start of your holiday. Or you could even keep it turned off the whole time you’re away! Give reception a number that you can be reached on in case of emergency. If your colleagues can’t get hold of you, it will be much easier to stop worrying about work. You’ll notice that a digital detox helps to improve your sleep and make you feel calmer very quickly.

Take it easy

Go easy on yourself and give in to feeling tired. Have a lie in, take a siesta. You deserve to rest, in fact, that’s what holidays are for.