How to create a garden paradise for animals

– The more different types of plants and flowers you grow, the more animals you will see.  

– Plant a few shrubs. They usually grow all year round and produce tasty treats like berries too.

– Some ivy is always a great addition to a garden.

– In the winter you can plant bulbs like crocuses in the ground. They’re a real treat for the bumble bees that appear in the early spring.

– Leave your rake in the shed. Plenty of leaves on the ground means places for insects to build their nests.

– Put out a dish of water. That way the birds always have somewhere to take a refreshing dip. 

– Why not dig a pond? You do need a bit of space, of course, but it will attract all kinds of animals from near and far. It will really increase the number of species in your garden and you might even spot a salamander if you’re lucky.