The 6 doctors for (mental) health

Boom met zon

Doctor Sun 

A good dose of sunlight doesn’t just lift your spirits. It’s a great natural boost for your body too. It seems that sunlight even helps you to get a good, unbroken night’s sleep. The earlier in the morning you soak up your first rays of sun, the easier you will find it to fall asleep in the evening and then get up feeling rested the next day. And there’s another thing: skin problems like spots and acne often clear up with plenty of sunshine.

Doctor Exercise

Making sure you move every day is really important for your physical health. And you don’t necessarily have to start running. Just a quarter of an hour walking in the woods is a great start. If that’s not an option, you can come up with smart ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. Start travelling by bike, get off the bus one stop early or walk around different shops to pick up your groceries.

Doctor Rest 

Although I like to be busy, sometimes I really enjoy just doing nothing at all. Sitting in a chair with a nice cup of coffee, gazing out of the window. It turns out that that’s really good for you! In addition to sleep, rest and relaxation during the day are great for your health. Your heartrate and breathing slow down, so you get a chance to recharge your batteries. 

Doctor Diet

I thought this was fascinating! Apparently unprocessed foods that grow in the sunlight are really good for you. Fruits, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and sprouts all count. In Chinese medicine, these foods are believed to contain ‘chi’ or life force, which is good for our health and vitality.

Doctor Water

it’s so strange to think that more than half of our bodies are made up of water. But that must be why Doctor Water is so important. Water is essential for life. We can survive without food for a while, but not without water. If you make sure that you drink enough water, all the nutrients you need can flow around your body. That way you’re less likely to feel tired and groggy of suffer from headaches.

Doctor Air

I’m lucky that I’m able to spend plenty of time outside. That way I can breathe in all the fresh air that my body needs. It seems that fresh air is good for your metabolism and helps you to release energy. The way you breathe is important too. I do find that tricky sometimes. Apparently lots of people use less than half of their lung capacity. I’ll try and remember to take a few more deep breaths next time I’m out in the woods with Mr Bear.