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Tie dye tea towels

DIY your own tie dye tea towels

Father’s Day chocolates

Chocolates with maple syrup

Boost your self-confidence

7 tips to boost your self-confidence

Garden trug made from MDF

DIY garden trug for your garden tools

I love myself

Deep down I know what I'm all about

Get straight into holiday mode

Lots of people find it hard to get straight into holiday mode.


Simple but delicious.

Egg muffins

With cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and onions.

Tomato soup with sundried tomatoes

With olive oil and fresh herbs.

American pancakes with jam

American style with blueberry jam.

Homemade chocolate spread

With all the chocolate leftovers.

Eucalyptus leaves

Creative This eucalyptus arrangement has a Japanese feel to it. It’s creative, modern and very

Upcycling with flowers and plants

We are all used to recycling our plastic, paper and other materials these days. But

How to create a garden paradise for animals

– The more different types of plants and flowers you grow, the more animals you