Tomatoes from your own kitchen

Your own kitchen is a great place to grow tomatoes. They’re not just good for you, they make a great decoration for your windowsill too. Also, I always find homegrown tomatoes the tastiest to eat and the most fun to cook with.

Tomaten uit eigen keuken

Growing tomatoes from your own kitchen

Sow the tomatoes in small seed pots. Keep them on your windowsill until mid-May. If the sun is shining, you can also put them outside on your patio or on your balcony.

Use small pots about 5 cm tall, wide and deep. Make a little hole in the bottom of each one, so that the water can drain out. Fill the pots with potting soil to make sure your young plants get all the nutrients they need. 

Put the pots in a warm place and keep the soil damp but not too wet. Once the first sprouts appear, you should turn the pot 90 degrees every day.

Not that much space in your kitchen?

Check out this article on making a mini nursery.

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